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PostgreSQL helps DBAs keep up

PostgreSQL is a trusted partner to DBAs amid the ever-increasing number of people and technologies that need to touch the database

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Why do DBAs choose PostgreSQL?

DBAs are expected to add mastery and control of new environments and adjacent technologies to their traditional commitments around performance, reliability, and security


PostgreSQL is everywhere

PostgreSQL is widely available and supported by many software, services, and cloud providers


Community-driven open source software

Built by a dedicated community from a diverse array of organizations


Integration with popular DBMS

Choosing PostgreSQL helps DBAs make sure they have a DBMS that works with existing legacy and specialty databases


Supports complex, multi-
platform deployments

Helps DBAs meet ever-increasing performance and reliability demands across platforms

Why do DBAs choose EDB for PostgreSQL?

EDB has products, services, and support to help DBAs as they evolve into new roles and responsibilities


Enhancements to PostgreSQL

EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) enhances PostgreSQL with additional features to help DBAs at enterprise scale


Oracle database compatibility

EDB Postgres Advanced Server is compatible with Oracle database objects, connectors, and utilities, reducing risk when migrating to PostgreSQL


GUI-based solution for database management

Use Postgres Enterprise Manager to proactively monitor, manage, and tune PostgreSQL clusters


Training and certification

Comprehensive training and certification programs help DBAs advance their PostgreSQL skills

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Solution Design

Customized guidance and solution design from PostgreSQL experts

Remote DBA Service

Support for PostgreSQL on-premises

Cloud DBA Service

Support for cloud PostgreSQL


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