EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB’s enhanced PostgreSQL database designed to meet the needs of the enterprise.


The leading relational open source database.

Open Source Projects


Disaster recovery for PostgreSQL.


An open-source extension to PostgreSQL that spatially enables your database server.


A lightweight connection pooling utility for PostgreSQL and Advanced Server installations.


Robust query routing and connection pooling for PostgreSQL-based solutions.

Third Party JDBC Drivers

Download third party JDBC drivers including MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Modified GPL and Source Code Utilities

Access our list of 40+ modified PostgreSQL components' source code available to download.



LiveCompare is designed to compare any number of databases to verify they are identical. The tool compares any number databases and generates a comparison report, a list of differences and handy DML scripts so the user can optionally apply the DML and fix the inconsistencies in any of the databases.

Postgres Enterprise Manager

Manage large scale PostgreSQL deployments on-premises or in the cloud with this comprehensive PostgreSQL admin tool.

Backup and Recovery Tool

Safeguard critical business data and enable trouble-free disaster recovery.

Failover Manager

Maintains high availability by monitoring cluster health to detect node/database/network failure and automates the failover to a replica database.

Foreign Data Wrappers

Transparent data integration for PostgreSQL-based solutions. Eliminate data silos and gain a holistic view of your data.

Replication Server

Reliable, flexible replication from or to a single master or between multiple masters.

EDB Connectors

Integrate your application with EDB Postgres Advanced Server using an array of connectors, including JDBC, ODBC, .NET, and OCL.

Migration Toolkit

Fully-automated online tool for moving Oracle database schemas to the EDB Postgres Advanced Server.