Advanced logical
replication for PostgreSQL

Solutions for very high availability and geographically distributed workloads on multi-master PostgreSQL clusters, including data movement to or from Postgres, Oracle, and SQL Server clusters


Maintain very
high availability

PostgreSQL clusters deployed with BDR keep top-tier applications running


Choose the level
of consistency

Robust capabilities provide flexibility to meet application data loss requirements


Upgrade with near-
zero downtime

Rolling upgrades eliminate the largest source of unwanted production downtime


Oracle and SQL
Server integrations

Minimize application migration cutover times and avoid unnecessary additional licenses

Find the right fit for your data replication needs

The following tools are all fully supported by EDB in addition to being tested and released as part of the EDB portfolio:


Full-featured replication solution providing the essential multi-master replication capabilities for PostgreSQL clusters with advanced conflict management and data-loss protection, and up to 5X faster throughput

  • Enables application and database upgrades without requiring downtime
  • Provides row-level last-update wins eventual consistency by default
  • Supports continuous release environments through DDL replication with granular locking
  • Tools to monitor operation and verify data consistency
  • Guard application transactions with commit-at-most-once consistency even in the presence of node failures
  • Conflict-free synchronous replication with two phase commit
  • Configurable and customizable column-level conflict handling and transformation
  • Concurrent updates using conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs)

Replication Server

Provides PostgreSQL clusters with a robust solution for moving data to or from non-PostgreSQL databases

  • Integrate with Oracle or SQL Server databases to offload reporting or to feed data to legacy applications
  • Flexibility to replicate a subset of data from the source database
  • Graphical user interface provides easy configuration and management
  • Includes utility to validate data consistency between the source and target databases

Feature Comparison

Capability Community Logical Postgres-BDR Replication Server
Replicate across major PostgreSQL versions checkmark checkmark checkmark
Asynchronous replication checkmark checkmark checkmark
Synchronous replication checkmark
DDL replication checkmark
Cascading checkmark
Sequence handling checkmark
Conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs) checkmark
Commit at most once checkmark*
Configurable column-level conflict handling checkmark
Customizable column-level conflict handling checkmark
Customizable column-level transformation/filtering checkmark
Parallel apply checkmark
Single decoding worker checkmark*
Application assessment tooling checkmark*
Data consistency verification tool checkmark checkmark
Management GUI checkmark
Oracle to/from PostgreSQL checkmark
Oracle to/from Postgres Advanced checkmark
SQL Server to/from PostgreSQL checkmark
SQL Server to/from Postgres Advanced checkmark
PostgreSQL to/from Postgres Advanced checkmark
License PostgreSQL EDB EDB

* feature is only available with EDB Postgres Extended at this time, and is expected to be available with EDB Postgres Advanced 14