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EDB products and services make it easier to migrate from Oracle database to an enterprise-grade DBMS built on top of open source PostgreSQL

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Leaving Oracle for PostgreSQL?

You’re not alone. Here are the top 5 reasons our customers have made the move:


PostgreSQL offers significant cost savings

PostgreSQL has no licensing costs. With Oracle’s complex pricing structure, renewal costs typically go up, not down, especially with Unlimited Licensing Agreements (ULAs).


Enterprises can avoid vendor lock-in

PostgreSQL lets enterprises integrate best-of-breed solutions into their database infrastructure. They aren’t restricted by a technology stack that’s only compatible with Oracle.


Easier to replatform to cloud/hybrid

PostgreSQL runs everywhere, including on every major cloud provider.


The innovation action is in open source

Developers are the driving force behind PostgreSQL. The world-wide PostgreSQL community has been steadily integrating enterprise-grade functionality into and around the project since 1986.


Smoother path to Digital Transformation

As enterprises modernize their tech and marketing stacks to meet changing customer and market demands, they’d rather avoid Oracle's long contract commitments, audits, and poor support experiences.

Top 3 reasons to choose EDB for your Oracle migration

With over 300 successful customers migrated, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you reduce costs and mitigate risks of migration. IDC research shows that, on average, EDB customers can save up to 42% over three years in operating costs when compared to other database technologies.


Deep compatibility with Oracle database

EDB Postgres Advanced Server is compatible with Oracle database, so migrating away from Oracle doesn't mean throwing everything you know about Oracle—including your application code—out the window.


Comprehensive migration tools and services

Migration Portal, Migration Tool Kit, and a team of deeply experienced services professionals handle the work of migrating data, schemas, and objects to PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, so you can focus on other things.


24x7 support for any Postgres deployment at any scale

Our experienced support engineers, backed up by some of the world’s leading PostgreSQL contributors, are available 24x7 to resolve technical issues across any infrastructure.

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