Technical Account Management

A trusted advisor, proactive assistance

Proactive assistance in preparing for future technology changes to ensure you get the most from your EDB product, solution, and support benefits.

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Why choose our Technical Account Management service?


Know your environments and setup

Your TAM will become intimately familiar with your environments and setup, so that they can actively help you prepare for upgrades, maintenance, or system updates.


Help you succeed

They will lead planning sessions and guide you with recommendations to help you succeed with a Postgres environment tailored to your company’s goals and initiatives.

What's included with our Technical Account Management service?

EDB can provide guidance on a wide range of topics like:


Case/support management


Selecting and using proprietary and open source tools


Setting up a migration ‘factory’


Designing a major version upgrade strategy


Approach to large projects


Prioritization of database initiatives

Technical Account Management Options





Hours of work / month Up to 16 Up to 40 Up to 60
Review cadence Monthly Weekly Weekly
Planning Quarterly, video Quarterly, on-site Twice quarterly, on-site
EDB Executive Sponsor

What EDB will do

An EDB solution expert provides guidance on aligning product capabilities to requirements:

  • Assisting with Postgres adoption and rollout activities, and making recommendations for migration strategies
  • Representing your interests within EDB business and technology teams (e.g. feature requests, escalations)
  • Contributing as a strategic member of your team, and participating in your key meetings
  • Providing on-request assistance and expertise during business hours for up to four named contacts
  • Simplifying communication channels and helping you stay on top of open items
  • Overseeing reports and the resolution of open technical issues
  • Conducting monthly service reviews with your extended team
  • Providing a monthly activity report including recommendations, open item status and next steps
  • Facilitating quarterly planning meetings

Your Technical Account Manager provides:

  • Database architecture and database infrastructure advice
  • High-availability, disaster recovery strategies
  • Designing for scalability
  • Migration planning
  • Upgrade planning
  • Approaches for performance tuning
  • Identifying sweet spot application candidates for Postgres Resolution of Postgres-related technical issues
  • Mentoring for your Postgres team

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