Backup and Recovery

Automate backup and recovery for PostgreSQL

Database backup and recovery is an essential component of any PostgreSQL deployment. EDB provides multiple solutions to fit your disaster recovery plan.


Simplify PostgreSQL data recovery

Recover data any time with two simple commands


Always get your data back

Guaranteed physical backups with no corruption


Use the same solution everywhere

Integrate with any PostgreSQL architecture at scale

Find the right fit for your backup and data recovery needs

The following tools are all fully supported by EDB in addition to being tested and released as part of the EDB portfolio.

Backup and Recovery Manager


  • Our primary choice to back up and restore PostgreSQL data in business-critical environments
  • Relies on the robust and reliable backup and recovery technology found in PostgreSQL
  • Enables DBAs to manage a complete catalog of backups from—and recover to—multiple remote servers, all from a single location

Postgres Backup and Restore


  • An easy-to-use backup and recovery tool
  • Requires minimal configuration to back up, restore, and archive locally or remotely via SSH
  • Solves common bottleneck problems with parallel processing for backup, compression, restoring and archiving

Backup and
Recovery Tool


  • Facilitates and automates complete hot physical backups of PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced databases
  • Can be managed via the Postgres Enterprise Manager console
  • Creates, manages, and restores backups for multiple local or remote Postgres databases

Feature Comparison

Feature pg_basebackup Barman pgBackRest BART
SSH protocol support checkmark checkmark checkmark
PostgreSQL protocol checkmark checkmark checkmark
Incremental backups checkmark checkmark checkmark
RPO=0 checkmark
Rate limiting checkmark checkmark
Custom WAL sizes checkmark checkmark checkmark ( v11+) checkmark
WAL archive compression checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Backup compression Q4 checkmark checkmark
Symmetric encryption checkmark
Parallel backup and restore checkmark checkmark checkmark
Partial restore (only selected databases) checkmark
Centralized repository management checkmark checkmark checkmark
Retention policy checkmark checkmark checkmark
List backup checkmark checkmark checkmark
S3 support checkmark checkmark
Nagios integration checkmark checkmark
PEM integration Q4 checkmark
No custom scripts required checkmark checkmark checkmark
License PostgreSQL GPLv3 MIT EDB

Get Started with Backup and Recovery

Need help with building PostgreSQL into your disaster recovery plan? Our experts can help you with a single solution for configuring and scheduling backups, applying data retention policies, managing backups in a central catalog, and restoring a database to a point in time. Contact us now to learn more.

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