EDB Postgres Advanced Server

The Oracle Alternative

Advanced Server extends PostgreSQL with the security and performance features that enterprises need. It’s also Oracle database compatible, so leaving Oracle doesn’t mean starting over.

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Advanced Server is PostgreSQL for the Enterprise

EDB Postgres Advanced Server gives you the best of both worlds—all the advantages of PostgreSQL, enhanced with mission-critical features that help you maintain greater consistency across your PostgreSQL deployments. Regardless of where you want to deploy Postgres—on premises, in the cloud, or multi-platform—EDB Postgres Advanced Server gives you greater control.


Migrate from Oracle faster

Compatibility with Oracle database schemas, data types, indexes, users, roles, partitioning, packages, views, PL/SQL triggers, stored procedures, functions, and utilities


Reduce risk and support compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI

Enhanced security features such as password policy management, session tag auditing, data redaction, and SQL injection protection


Improve developer and DBA productivity

Over 200 pre-packaged utility functions, user-defined object types, autonomous transactions, nested tables, synonyms, advanced queueing, catalog views, and more

Advanced Server Extends PostgreSQL

Security, performance, productivity, and Oracle database compatibility



Avoids relying entirely on developers or client application layers to enforce password policies, and supports compliance with GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA standards.

  • Password policy management
  • Session tag auditing
  • Data redaction
  • SQL injection protection
  • Procedural language code obfuscation


Improves the end-user experience by identifying which queries are running slow and need tuning

  • Query optimizer hints
  • SQL session/system wait diagnostics


Developer Productivity

Helps developers code faster with fewer errors and create more sophisticated applications

  • Over 200 pre-packaged utility functions
  • User-defined object types
  • Autonomous transactions
  • Nested tables
  • Synonyms
  • Advanced queueing

DBA Productivity

Enables prioritizing workloads such as analytics over batch processing without endangering responsiveness, which saves time with troubleshooting, monitoring security, and maintenance.

  • Throttle CPU and I/O at the process level
  • Over 55 extended catalog views to profile all the objects and processing that occurs in the database


Oracle Database Compatibility

Migrate database and client applications faster with fewer rewrite problems. Continue to use Oracle skills and more easily integrate into existing Oracle database infrastructures.

Compatibility for:

  • schemas
  • data types
  • indexes
  • users
  • roles
  • partitioning
  • packages
  • views
  • PL/SQL triggers
  • stored procedures
  • functions
  • utilities

Compare PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Quick Look: Oracle Database Compatiblity

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